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Oh Ira…Otitis Media…

It was 5 o’clock in the morning. As usual, like any other people I was in my own dream (can’t remember what I was dreaming about). Suddenly I heard my daughter cried. She was screaming and complaining paint in her ears. I grab my flashlight and started to had a look inside her ears. She begging me to clean her ears “please korek my ears” that’s exactly what she said. The only thing I saw looked like this..

From that onwards, I know my child had an ear infection known as Otitis Media

What is Otitis Media?

Otitis Media is an infection or inflammation of the middle ear. This inflammation often begins when infections that cause sore throats, colds, or other respiratory or breathing problems spread to the middle ear. These can be viral or bacterial infections. The individual with bacterial acute otitis media has the classic “earache”, pain that is more severe and continuous and is often accompanied by fever of 39 °C or more. It is primarily a disease of infants and young children, but it can also affect adults.

To any parents…If your child have a fever and later complaining pain in their ears, please straightaway bring them to see a doctor. Don’t ever try to clean the ear because you might make things worst.

The worst things for me was that it happened in the middle of morning where everyone still sleeping…so the only thing me and my wife can do was trying our best to comfort our daughter by cuddling her. Later, on the day itself…I brought her to a doctor just to confirm her ear infection…guess what? I’m wright… and the doctor had to assign us to a otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat specialist). I requested anyone from Damansara Specialist since that’s the nearest hospital from my house. We met Dr. Roslan ( he’s looks cool.. remind me of our local singer Rahim Maarof or Michael Bolton…hahaha) and he recommended my Ira to go for a minor ear surgery. Wow!!! I can’t imagine just a small amount of infection can cause lots of works.

On the day itself, I accompanied Ira to the operation theater. Seriously…this is my first time experience in an operation theater and it feel and looks the same just like I saw in TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy. Doctor started to played his own music and the anesthesiologists started to put Ira or anesthesia. Slowly I saw Ira in her own dream and me as farther felt so helpless looking at my daughter that time.

Me and wife had to wait in the waiting area and after 30 minutes, doctor came to us and told us the surgery was successful. Alhamdulillah…That’s the first word came out from my mouth…

My Family…

Hi, we meet again…Just an introduction about myself

My name is Suzaidee and I’m a husband and a father to one lovely lady and one hyper active girl. Both of them is the most wonderful gift I received from God. Their laughter and sadness always makes me feel part of the reason I was born to this world.

I met my wife Liza when I was a recording engineer. It all started when she had to canceled one recording session and as payback she have to accept my invitation for drink…Hahaha I can say it’s more like a date. From there… here we are now with our lovely daughter, Ira.

Ira is one of the person that can really drive me nuts and at the same time bring out the child in me. The type of child which not every parent can understand and cope. But lucky for me, I managed to settle myself as a farther soon than I expect.

My only wish for my family is that, I can make them happy for the rest of their life, install great values in them and at the same time we can make this world a better place.

I’m Lost…….

That’s the only word I can describe my sluggish…slow mow…laziness…or whatever you may call it towards my interest…blogging.

Seriously, I love to read blogs and subsribes to tones of it. Some I even visited their blog almost everyday, it become like my browser startup page. But when it comes to my own blog I’m totally lost…I don’t know what to write about… or what to share with others. It is some kind of mental block.

You guys can say whatever you guys want to say but I bet there’s lots of people stuck in the same kins of situation just like me.

Anyway, slowly I have an idea what to write about and hope I won’t stop writing.

To all of you, please bare with my english (grammar/ spelling) and I hope I will keep on blogging.